Shadow Ascendant

Prelude: Into the Fire

The Jedi Council is fracticious and factionalized. Jedi Master Pah Rhee, a Kel Dor proponent of the Potentium theory of the Force, is outmanoeuvered by his rival, a Corellian Knight named Aran Talos. His padawan Morgan Daystar, a Human who has almost unlimited potential with the Force, is removed from his tutelage. Another Knight, a Twi’lek named Khen’dris, intervenes and manages to have the padawan assigned to her care. Khen’dris, though she greatly respects Master Rhee’s iron will and strength of character, is a student of the Unifying Force, and begins Morgan’s instruction almost anew.

Six weeks after they meet, Khen’dris and Morgan board a chartered Republic liner travelling from Coruscant for destinations unknown. Khen’dris has received a mysterious message bearing high-level encryption codes from the Jedi Council, and declines to share its contents with Morgan. One week after their boarding, Morgan is training with a remote and his lightsaber in the cargo bay when debris from a console explosion knocks him out.

He awakes on a lush jungle planet, being dragged out of a damaged escape pod by a smoke- and dirt-smeared noblewoman. Above them in the sky is the flaming wreck of the liner, breaking up as it descends into the planet’s atmosphere. The noblewoman introduces herself as Lara Organa, a 17-year-old from Alderaan. Though she’s in shock and quite obviously scared out of her wits, she pulls herself together long enough to explain what little she knows: she was checking on some exotic plants she was returning to her family’s manor on Alderaan when there was an explosion. She doesn’t know what planet they’re on, but she knows they were knocked out of hyperspace by the accident, which she believes to have been sabotage. She also says that her bodyguard Sabra, a Wookiee lifebound to her family, went into the trees ten minutes ago to scout for immediate dangers.

Morgan takes a few minutes to clear his mind and control the pain of his head wounds with a brief Force Trance, while Lara salvages what supplies she can from the damaged escape pod. While he is in his trance, his master reaches out to him through the Force, sending only his name and a sense she is very busy, but wanted to let him know she is alive. Morgan responds with a brief “finding survivors”, and the contact fades.

Lara produces what little she found — some tools, an aquanta breather, and some protein bars — and the Wookiee Sabra emerges from the jungle. Morgan decides to climb a tree to see if he can see where other pods might have come down, and notices a smoke trail ten kilometers westward. With no immediate shelter, the trio decides to head for the other pod, in the hopes of finding survivors.

The jungle is thick, humid and difficult to traverse, but the addition of a lightsaber makes the going somewhat easier. Morgan and Lara stick together the entire way, but Sabra (as a Scout) keeps ranging out and returning, looking for other survivors and/or shelter. At about midday, Lara is mesmerized by one of the planet’s local insects, a dragonfly analogue with six wings and an iridescent green-blue body. Morgan is able to identify and ignore the hypnotic effects of the dragonfly’s use of the ambient Force energy of the planet, and breaks Lara out of the mesmerism.

Not long after that, Sabra returns and, with Lara translating, informs Morgan of a defensible cavern in a clearing not far from their location. Though it has been used as a den in the past, it is currently empty and has been for some time. With night falling around them, and potential hostile nightlife in the trees, the trio heads in that direction to bunker down.

( summary in progress )

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